Raising the Bar: Engineering the New East Span of the Bay Bridge

In just a few days the San Francisco Bay Area will have a brand new symbol of engineering brilliance and it comes not a moment too soon. If you are like me, scenes from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake still seem fresh in the mind. Perhaps this is because my Dad was watching the world … Read more

Gallery: Curiosity Photo Mashup

Highlights from NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity):


Is Phobos-Grunt just the latest victim of the ‘Mars Curse’?

Contact was briefly established last week with the wayward Phobos-Grunt probe, still hobbling through low Earth-orbit since failing to fire its thrusters to escape orbit and send it on its way to Mars on November 9th. Unfortunately, this setback is just the latest in a string of disasters in Earth’s decades old struggle for the … Read more