Its not just the Frankenstorm

Superstorm Sandy’s battering of the northeastern tri-state area was a sobering reminder of the realities of climate destabilization; the weather manifestations that occur when climate change has been underway.

The Earth’s climatological balance is a precarious one and this years “Indian summer” in California is another prime example. Warm temperatures have persisted with continued warming in November seeing average temperatures at 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. A late onset winter is not so unusual, but with evolving weather patterns the ebb and flow of severity pushes further with it.

Last year’s freak tornado spree in Dallas, TX where over a dozen tornadoes formed clustered in a relatively small geographic area may not really be such a rarity. Of course, tornadoes come with the territory in Texas, but we’re talking about severity here.

So, the weather you know and love will still be there, year in year out – only with a twist. And, when severe weather events cluster like they did in last week’s ‘Frankenstorm’, the reality of climate destabilization comes into sharp focus in the minds those affected.

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